• Cut & style wigs

  • Wash & style Human hair wigs

  • Wash & set Synthetic Wigs

  • Wash & style extensions 

  • Apply Clip in's & style

  • Tailor machine made wigs

  • Stretch machine made wigs

  • Customize Clip in's

  • Customize Halos

  • Customize Pony Wraps

  • Color match 

  • Install Sew in extensions

  • Install I-tip extensions



Hair Unlimited is conveniently located in the Mission Valley area of San Diego. For over 25 years, we have been helping customers achieve the look they are striving for. We have an extensive collection of wigs, hair extensions, and hairpieces - all crafted with top-grade quality.

All of our products are personally customized and hand-made, and the love we put into our products is demonstrated in its quality and its end-product.

Through the years we have assisted countless individuals with various hair needs to regain confidence and it is our mission to continue to do so.  We hope to see you soon!   

Conveniently located in Mission Valley!

1400 Camino De La Reina Ste. 110 

San Diego, Ca 92108

Store Hours:

Monday 10am to 6pm

Tuesday 10am to 6pm

Wednesday 10 am to 6 pm

Thursday 10 am to 6 pm

Friday 10 am to 6 pm

Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday Closed

Walk-in's welcome!

Certified Provider for Tri-Care

Discounted pricing on select items for medical hair loss patients 

Knowledgable staff with experience of up to 20 years!

Lowest prices in town! 

Price matching available!

USPS Priority mail shipping

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Customized Extensions
Hair Pieces
Bohyme & Sepia

Our Products

Human Hair Wigs


Our human hair wigs are made from 100% remy hair.  Remy hair gives a more natural look, styles better, and maintains its luster and natural appearance for a longer duration than non-remy hair.


Costume Wigs

Great for parties, events or just for the fun of it! Our costume wigs come in many colors and styles?


Hair Pieces

We specialize in human and synthetic toppers that can fill in areas of thinning hair on top of head. we also carry clip in bangs, scrunches, ponytail wraps, buns and 3/4 falls.


Care Products

Wig Shampoo

Wig Conditioner

Wig Spray

Wig Caps


Travel Boxes

Wig Stands

Scarfs & Tubans

Synthetic Wigs


Our synthetic wigs are made with highest grade fiber that comes very duplicating the look of human hair. These synthetic wigs have memory built into the fiber which allows them to maintain their style even after washing, just brush out and style will return.


Human Hair Clip In's

Our Clip In Extensions, Halo Extensions and Pony Wraps are all custom made at our store.  We will match to your hair color and will help you choose the proper length.  This allows for a very accurate color match and fit.  We will then custom make them for you and they are ready in 24 hours! When you pick them up, we will teach you how to attach and give you care instructions.


Hair Extensions

Weft Extensions

Hand Tied Extensions

Tape In  Extensions

I-Tip Extensions

Silicone Beads

Replacement Tape

Bead Plyers



Our Brands


Our Team

My name is Andrew and I have been here at Hair Unlimited for over 10 years. Whether it is helping individuals who have medical-related hair loss with their insurance or individuals looking for the perfect wig for a party or event, I love to help our customers in any way I can. I work with great people and great customers at a company that values integrity and cares about people (and even appreciates my humor). This job has been such a natural fit for me as I really enjoy interacting with others and creating genuine relationships with our customers. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your patronage to our store— let me know how I can be of service to you!




Andrew Jensen

Hello,  my name is Claudia

 and I have been working as a wig sales manager for such a long time. I have been so lucky to work with such a diverse range of individuals, including chemo patients, alopecia customers, and those who have very fine hair. All of my customers are unique, and I make sure that I help each and every customer with that in mind—so that the service I deliver is fitted and molded for each individual. It’s an honor for me to have the ability to help women and men feel more confident and comfortable with themselves, and I take my work very seriously. As a wig sales manager, my priority is to help customers find the product that they are looking for, one that naturally frames their face and is the right color. I am motivated, energetic, and passionate about what I do. I work from my heart, and there’s nothing else that I could envision myself doing.


Claudia Pedley

 My name is Susan. I have consistently been reminded of how important hair is and how transformative it can be for women and men alike. I was always self-conscious of my hair growing up, as genetics left with my thin hair, and I felt like there was nothing I could do about it. That whole perspective changed when I initially started working for Hair Unlimited and found a hairpiece that suited all my needs and made me feel so much more confident. As an individual who personally experienced hair insecurities, I have continued to work at this store for over  15 years with the same passion I carried with me in the beginning. My goal is to help customers and make them feel empowered and beautiful just as they are and they deserve. It is the biggest satisfaction to see customers happy, and I truly love the work that I am able to do.

Susan Park

My name is Marcela. I have been working at Hair Unlimited for about 6 years now. I love my job because everyone cares about each other both personally and professionally. It has been an unparalleled experience lending my service to such a diverse customer population. I become humbled assisting cancer patients: finding a style and color, and seeing the look on their faces when they find the one. I find so much joy in helping customers achieve a look that is both comfortable and gorgeous. 





Marcela Ruiz

Hello my name is Jen

I am so blessed to have such a warm, inviting work environment where I feel refreshed and excited to come into work every day. There is an honest sense of cooperation and shared goals all revolving around helping the customer that I have not found anywhere else. I come into work ready to help customers with their needs, and the chance to help and raise customers’ confidence is extremely rewarding and I look forward to helping customers as much as I can. 





Jennifer Lee

My name is Paulina

I joined this team and immediately felt the humble and hospitable atmosphere among our girls. This is my home away from home— This whole team shares the same vision and everyone is there for one another. Learning the stories of our clients, coming from so many different walks of life, fills our store and me with great purpose. It’s such a unique experience being able to be transparent in business and I love having that freedom here.





Paulina Chhoeuth


Contact Us

1400 Camino De La Reina Suite  110 San Diego, CA 92108

Hairunlimitedsd@gmail.com      TEL :  (619)299-6060

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